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I have a lot of shirts with old fashioned stand up collars. Served in Kentucky-made sterling julep cups, of course.

(I especially like the tear-drop-shaped “island” in the top of the crown.) This is the style I wear personally about seventy-five percent of the time. There will always be men who need a good hat while they're getting on with getting on. I can't think of one damn thing that doesn't look better on a woman than on a man.” He said goodbye and hung up. Wide brimmed straw hats have shaded planters from Mississippi to Manila to Mombasa since time immemorial. Next time, Sidney, you get the lead instead of Bogie.” Perhaps wearing this style would have made his illustrious career even more so. If there really is someone else wearing this same style, go say hello. The hat in the top three photos is size 7 This style was created for a client who lives on a tropical island off the coast of China. The moment I stepped back from the finished hat to take a look, I wanted to put it on and go watch thoroughbreds thunder down the home stretch at Keeneland on an Indian Summer afternoon perfumed by horses, bourbon, and burgoo. Andy probably took it out of the box, put it on, and went to the beach. You can wear it backwards if you’ve had two too many, or if that becomes the fashion next week. Now that I’ve seen the finished hat, I guarantee that the next one I block will be exactly my size. But order what you want, and I’ll confirm I can do it. Everyone else calls short-brim hats stingy-brim hats. But there is never anything stingy about my hats; the quality is always quite lavish.

I designed the blocks (that give the hats their shape) for this particular style myself. I want it to lose the shape you give it, as it takes the shape I give it. A proper Panama should have a brim that sticks out farther than the end of my nose, not as far as the end of my cigar. Drink, smoke, and cuss while you're making it. I said, “That was weird,” and didn't tell my parents. The first style blocks I designed were the style he described. It was too late to make one for Hemingway, so I didn't rush into it. At first you kept looking behind to see who they were nodding to. Rarely have those hats been as finely woven or as impeccably styled as this one. If you like the look, but feel a little too conspicuous wearing a wide-brimmed hat, consider a Plantation with a Fedora-width brim, 3 inches or less. Either way, the Plantation definitely makes a different statement than the Fedora. Prices | Order The Aficionado style was originated around the turn of the century (2000) by Master Hatter Trent Johnson of Greeley Hat Works. The hat in these photos is size 7 The skinny brim is back! Can’t leave the house, can’t even turn on the TV, without seeing skinny-brim hats. So I call them skinny-brim hats instead of stingy-brim hats.

The top of the crown has a distinctive center crease. The man looks like he could be sitting in the Director’s chair of a multi-jillion-dollar movie set. He’s easier to talk to when he’s in the back yard.) Should you have your hat custom-made? When the man defines the hat, the hat defines the man. Even today, the style is more popular in the UK than in the US. If you roll up an unblocked hat a few times, you wind up with a center crease. Some have suggested that wearing the Montego Bay while drinking a piña colada improves one’s chances of seeing the green flash as the sun winks goodbye in the tropics. In the top of the crown of the Montego Bay, the “island” is a little less teardrop shaped, a little more diamond shaped. You left the airport in a ’54 Coupe De Ville taxicab and you left the known world in a distant memory bank that no longer allows withdrawals.

The Gatsby is especially appropriate when driving your Bugatti to the club, drinking rum beneath a slowly turning ceiling fan, doing anything with palm trees nearby, or just looking like a man who looks great in a Panama hat. So why not call it a style, give it a name, and make some blocks. More and more of you are choosing to swan about in non-roll-up Optimos. If you want a skinny-brim hat, this is a good style to work with.

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