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08-Feb-2019 16:44

“Denzel has always sweet-talked his way out of it,” an insider told Star magazine in their latest issue, which has details of the new cheating scandal.

“She (his wife) confronted him, and once again he denied he did anything wrong,” the source said of Denzel’s latest situation.

Sanaa went on to attend Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics.

She then joined the University of California, Berkeley and then graduated with a degree in English.

More about Lathan can be found in social media sites like IMDB, Twitter, Instagram and Wikipedia.

Denzel Washington has spent the last thirty years in an industry that’s known for spitting people out in 30 days.

However, a rep for Denzel denies that he and Paulette are on the verge of a split or divorce.

[From Radar] I never heard that rumor about Sanaa Lathan! Are there any other rumors about his alleged cheating? Now, I guess I could believe that Denzel has gotten some on the side here and there, and the deal he and Pauletta might have is that as long as he doesn’t get seriously involved with his side-pieces, there will be no problem. that’s a lot of forgiving and forgetting and compromising, and Pauletta is nobody’s fool, you know?

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